The Garden of Forgotten Dreams

The Garden of Forgotten Dreams ebook

In Kaitlyn’s twenties, life brimmed with possibilities. But when she met and married media mogul Matt Collins, she got more than she bargained for. Having sacrificed her own dreams on the altar of his ambitions, she lies alone in their bed wondering if she’ll ever find the happiness she so desperately craves. Then playboy Roger shows up at their door and the cracks in their already tumultuous marriage threaten to implode.


After years of chasing after Matt’s approval and never quite measuring up, he does the unthinkable and Kaitlyn knows it’s time for a change. A chance meeting with a mysterious stranger further reignites her passions, and she sets off for Cabo to chase a dream she thought had died long ago. Kaitlyn digs deep to find the courage she will need to change her life, but is it enough?


Inspired by wonderful wordsmiths like Rachel Hanna, Lisa Jewell, and Maeve Binchy, The Garden of Forgotten Dreams is a story about the tremendous hurdles women must overcome in order to achieve their dreams and believing in second chances.

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